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We highly appreciate active research and development of knowledge based expertise, focused on customer demand, technology, and the business environment across a wide range of industrial sectors.  To help our clients identify new business opportunities and map strategies for success, our focus on technology, the business environment and consumer demand is essential.   Cross-disciplined insights reflect our  experience in those fields. 

Management effectiveness imperative in a time of crisis

EV Management Brief | April, 2015

A crisis may turn into a blessing for ambitious companies that think of changing market structure and reinforcing a superior position. In the first issue of a series of management briefs we comprehensively cover 5 management subsystems that may be leveraged to boost effectiveness. 


Armenian textile and knitwear sector

EV Brief | December, 2014
The textile and knitwear sector is an old branch of the Armenian economy with a history rich in traditions. As early as in old ages Armenia was famous for its production of delicate fabrics and natural carmine dye. High rating of Armenian carpets and their export to other countries is documented in records of the ancient and middle age world history. 

Complementary fields of greenhouse industry

EV Case Study | October, 2014

With the rapid development of the greenhouse industry in the developing world a huge need has arisen for trained professional staff. Taking into account that there is a need of 10 horticultural professionals per 1 ha of greenhouse then human resources becomes a key factor of success in the industry. 

Can Armenia Become a Country of Fine Wine? The Clue is in Branding.

EV Brief | October, 2014

The changing landscape in the global winemaking industry offers numerous opportunities for new, smaller countries to gain their niche and establish themselves on global markets as winemaking countries. Armenia has the natural potential to become such a country, due to its geography and climate.

The challenge of recruiting high quality staff

EV Case Study  | April, 2011

Dilemma of recruiting foreign or local specialists. The critical issue with the foreign workforce is their unawareness of the local environment even with the possession of international experience. From the very first day onwards, VivaCell-MTS made a decision to trust local specialists, particularly, recent graduates.

The Balanced Scorecard

EV Brief April, 2011

The Balanced Scorecard, a management system that is used by many leading companies worldwide, can be efficiently adopted by local companies. A simple approach of BSC provides the executives with a hands on tool for the executives for performance management and strategy execution.

The hidden resource of management efficiency

EV Brief  April, 2011

Management is undoubtedly one of the most important professions of humankind. The full potential of management as a hidden resource of business growth is yet to be fully appreciated by local companies. The leading and “opinion forming” executives of many international companies viewed the economic crisis as an opportunity to rethink their management approaches.

At the Footsteps of Positioning Revolution

EV BriefJuly, 2010

Marketing function is perceived too narrow and is usually identified with advertisement by many Armenian companies. Only limited possibilities of marketing tools are used. Even in this case, it is not always carried out effectively because of the absence of the concentration on the target segment, advertising campaign planning, monitoring and evaluation.