Microeconomics of Competitiveness


In 2003, the Yerevan State University (YSU) entered into a special project from Harvard University to deliver a course developed by the world renowned management scholar Harvard Professor Michael Porter. Prof. Porter has developed a university course called Microeconomics of Competitiveness, which is being taught at Harvard Business School (HBS) and over 60 other universities around the world. Currently Dr. Manuk Hergnyan, Professor of the Department of Economics of the Yerevan State University and Chairman of Economy and Values Research Center, delivers the course for the Master's degree students.

The course addresses the determinants of competitiveness from the perspective of firms, clusters, sub-national units, and entire economies. The course probes the ultimate determinants of a nation's or region's productivity, rooted in the strategies and operating practices of locally-based firms, the vitality of clusters, and the quality of the business environment in which competition takes place. The course has an interactive platform with Internet-delivered materials and a wide range of multimedia features.

Microeconomics of Competitiveness Course (MOC) pioneered a new educational approach in Armenia, achieving considerable results. It introduced a new teaching method of case discussions and a new grading system. The MOC also triggered huge interest among the professional community in Armenia.

The project is administered by the Economy and Values Research Center (authorized by University) in partnership with the Harvard Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness headed by Porter.


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