Modernizing Education


Education is on the verge of a revolutionary transformation.  The pace of knowledge and information creation in the world is breathtaking. Rapid technological and social changes in the last decades have brought new demands towards workforce qualities and skills. Moreover, this is only the peak of the iceberg. More fundamental challenges refer to deeper and even existential aspects of human life. What is the constant in human life if everything is changing? What knowledge is important to acquire if all knowledge is becoming soon outdated? How to cope with overwhelming information streams? What is the role of education in the new era? How shall it be changed to be relevant?

Parents, students, educators, policy makers, all constituencies seek guidance on these issues. Entrepreneurs experiment with new models. The word disruption is a common currency among key stakeholders.  

This is a fascinating time and environment for us as an institution engaged in problem solving as its everyday job.  We find ourselves in pursuit of viable models and approaches to both general education and professional education in the new era. We are engaged hands-on in the process not only as advisors, but also as educators. Firstly we view ourselves as a new type of educational institution, as constant learning is part of our DNA. Secondly many of our associates teach different courses at various educational institutions. We encourage such engagements. Thirdly we try to partner with global leaders in educational fields and adapt and apply cutting edge innovative educational content to the context of emerging economies.