Higher Education

As the demands on the quality of human capital are accelerating, developing sophisticated higher education and professional development systems becomes a critical ingredient of economic development. Human capital development creates a virtuous cycle by supporting rising productivity and consequently expanding the pool of resources that can be channeled to support the education sector development. There is no single best practice in the field but the highest performing systems have a few things in common:
  • They constantly innovate and experiment with new approaches.
  • They are aligned with the continually changing needs of businesses and national economic development priorities.
  • They have leaders who motivate and align key stakeholders.
  • They have dense linkages with global educational space.
EV Consulting is often called upon to help devise winning strategies, transformative initiatives in higher education and professional development areas. Our expertise spans from helping education service providers to launch new initiatives to research and consulting on implementing reforms in the sector. 
Many of our associates teach at leading higher education institutions such as Yerevan State University and The American University of Armenia in a variety of disciplines from competitiveness, strategy to entrepreneurship, finance and quantitative subjects.  We advocate the learning by doing approach and predominantly apply the project-based content delivery method. In professional development realms we craft and deliver highly customized executive courses for senior level managers and also mentor young entrepreneurs.