"Economy and Values" Research Center (EV) is a think-and-action-tank striving for a competitive Armenia. The Center's activities are focused on studying and promoting competitiveness agenda, educating and advising current and future leaders in public policies and strategies, as well as exploring value and cultural foundations of development.
The Center was established in 2004 by a group of academics and business consultants. Utilizing top level international institutional connections and a selected network of skilled analysts and consultants, EV introduces new concepts of development and bridges the academia and business in the pursuit to create a better business and social environment. 
EV entitles the concept of Economy and Values.
Economic activity ("oikonomos") is necessarily entwined with moral aspirations of man, company and nation. Ultimately, prosperity is a function of dominant values and mental paradigms. Moral values, which support long-term, sustainable development, can nevertheless be deformed by the latter. The risk of moral degradation is mitigated by a subtle harmony between economy and values. It is precisely this harmony that we seek.